01 March 2009

Whoah...I'm back

Ghosh...finally, I'm back and my eyes were BIG when I red what I've wrote for the last posted. It did happened in my real life!.....We've moved to the other side of Rhine but luckily, we did not need to keep balance like the funny fellow on photo...*pfuff* but it was not a small things to do with all those boxes...Well,today photo represent our feeling after all we have done and for myself...RELIEF...last posted not make this site "The Forgotten One". So,the wise words speaks the truth..."Watch out what you say and wish for"

31 May 2008

The forgotten one

This funny fellow will show you how to keep your balance to make it to other side of Rhine river through the Hohenzollern-Bruecke: the main bridge in Cologne ;o)

23 May 2008

Cologne's Sky

Somehow, I think this muscle man mean to be there...in front of Cologne's Chocolate Museum which is as well right next door to the Sport Museum. When you're having a damn delicious chocolate bar in your hands that some are melting in your mouth, this sculpture will be seen as...just like.....NOTHING! ;o)

22 May 2008

Cologne's other faces

Just like other big city, this kind of art is common to be found in Cologne as well and nowadays even a small town has it. But in big cities often more interesting graffiti just like this one which I would like to represent my wish that Cologne's gray sky would NOT last till weekend. The word means "NO" and it's in German slang instead of "Nein"

20 May 2008

Where I feels home

So far, I have not post yet the faces of Cologne city which I personally love it. This building is a home to the local broadcast for Federal of Nord Rhein Westfallen (NRW) called WDR (West Deutsche Rundfunk).

30 April 2008

A metter of taste

I am not so sure if these fancy building are for living. But if it is an apartment like I thought according to have seen live with my own eyes then it is sure a nice view towards the river rhine but would you stay in fancy and without no doubt expensive apartment because of the architecture and nice view but with no garden at all? Well, it is all depend on taste but for me as a family person, I will need definitely a little garden at least. Pictures are related to yesterday posted at the same location.